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                Well this site is HOSTED and maintained by Kel so We know what's on around the Central Coast NSW…. Its updated about four times a month.. So keep looking for changes.  The site is dated so you know when its updates.

         MAKE SURE YOU REFRESH YOUR BROWSER to see the changes.

   The site is made up from information supplied by many … (not enough though!!)

 Dance schools, Bands, DJ’s …

Ok now, all the information is supplied FREE, so please don't expect the world for free. I do what I can when the information is given and most times I have to chase it.

I suggest you always check with the Venue of the event or Dance before booking or traveling.

         If you would like your information about your Band, Dance School, event Photos, etc please send the information to me as a attachment PLEASE.. Gif or  PDF files are my preferred option as I just have to loaded them with less work.

         If you would like your event or Gig on this site please email me on  ..email 




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